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In the 21st century, the further integration of the global economy has made all Chinese enterprises face enormous challenges and opportunities. It is a period full of opportunities and challenges. Seizing opportunities, meeting challenges and accelerating development are the responsibilities that each society gives us to every entrepreneur. For the newly formed Alite company, we are soberly aware of this responsibility, and only continue to establish a sound modern enterprise management system, efficient and rigorous operating mechanism. Further promote the spirit of "harmony and difference" in the Chinese culture, the European management model with humanistic style, and the work attitude of Japan's "persistence, serious work". Actively explore new horizons, new thinking, and new strategies for affirming economic powers, and firmly grasp the strategy of "cultural marketing, green marketing." For the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we are striving to revitalize the national industry and create high-tech green products with "new, strange and special". As always, the Alice people carry out the quality policy of “implementing scientific management mode, striving to provide quality service and constantly surpassing customer needs!”, and strive for the brilliance of Elite Enterprise!