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The fruit and vegetable pharmaceutical processing equipment produced by Jingjiang Alite Food Machinery Co., Ltd. combines the concise and practical design style, adhering to the excellent processing and manufacturing technology, and combining our years of industry experience. Our company has gathered experts in food technology, pharmaceutical technology, plant extraction technology and mechanical equipment engineers, and has introduced advanced fruit and vegetable processing machinery technology from abroad. Our company pursues the concept of rapid introduction, multi-improvement and continuous innovation of scientific and technological progress, and makes use of new technology and excellent industrial technology data to optimize the combination of machinery, so as to make the layout of equipment more reasonable. Our company has provided a complete line of equipment and a complete set of green product solutions for several fruit and vegetable processing, pharmaceutical processing and plant extraction processing enterprises at home and abroad, and formed a unique competitive advantage in the market.

The characteristics of market competitive advantage are reflected in:
◆Low disposable equipment investment;
◆Excellent equipment manufacturing quality and engineering installation quality ensure the whole system process is reasonable, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, low operating and maintenance costs;
◆According to GB16798-1997 food machinery safety and hygiene standards, "ACCP" food hygiene and safety management system and "GMP" pharmaceutical health and safety management system and other relevant regulations. Management system certification.

Successfully developed the following engineering projects:
● 3-40 tons / hour belt type juice production line;
● Processing technology and production line of carrot juice concentrate, juice, powder, etc.;
●Processing technology and production line of cactus, aloe drink, concentrated juice and powder;
●Processing technology and production lines for various fruit and vegetable beverages, concentrated juice, puree, jam, powder, etc.;
●All kinds of vegetable dehydration and drying, clean vegetables and other processing technology and processing lines;
● Various processing technologies and production lines for tropical fruit drinks, concentrated juices, puree, jams, and powders;
●All kinds of fruit wine, fruit vinegar, jam and other processing technology and processing lines;
● Various protein beverages, powder processing technologies and complete sets of production lines;
●Processing equipment and equipment for various vegetable and plant extracts, oils, concentrates, powders, etc.;
●Processing techniques and equipment for various fruit and vegetable chips, preserved fruits and fried foods;
●All kinds of pickled vegetables processing technology and equipment;
●A variety of fruit grading, waxing and polishing equipment;
● Processing equipment for various fruit and vegetable, pharmaceutical and extraction laboratories and research institutes;
● Corresponding supporting equipment and various packaging production lines;